About Us

Pudding Mill Allotments is a traditional allotment site located in the heart of East London. The delivery of the site was completed in January 2016 and occupation of the site took place shortly afterwards.

The site is owned by the London Legacy Development Corporation, is within the Borough of Newham and is managed by the Manor Gardening Society. The Society has secured a 38 year lease agreement with the Corporation. The site was delivered as a part of the LLDC’s commitment to providing allotments ‘greater in quality and quantity’ than those it removed in 2007 to deliver the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The site comprises 50 individual plots, ranging in size, and covers an area of approximately 1 hectare. 

Manor Gardening Society operates like many other allotment associations in the UK – it lets parcels of land to individual Tenants. Each Tenant is responsible for their own plot as a garden for growing vegetables and fruit for consumption by them and their family and friends. The Society broadly manages the site within the auspices of the 1908 and 1950 Allotments Acts – it has a Constitution and Tenant rules.

The Manor Gardening Society has a sister site in Marsh Lane, Waltham Forest.

The Society Management Committee is elected from its membership and acts in the interests of its membership. The Society operates co-operatively – the community of Tenants takes responsibility for the amenity in all ways. The Society is also mindful of its place within the broader local community, and the value of the amenity to those people. The Society is committed to delivering a fair and sustainable allotment site.