This policy has been considered with a view to keeping a manageable waiting list that is openly available to local people and anyone interested in taking up a Tenancy at the site when plots become vacant.

The current waiting list for vacant allotment plots at Pudding Mill Allotments comprises applications made at an advertised event at the site in October 2016. All applications submitted in writing at that event were randomised to form the list. Any plot that becomes vacant shall be offered to the person at the top of the list.

The waiting list is now temporarily closed to applications.

A similar event will be held in about a year’s time, date TBC – this will be announced on the website and publicised in the local area. This will be the next opportunity to enter onto the waiting list – the additional listing sequence will be randomly ordered in a similar way.

MGS will contact all existing applicants at this point to confirm that they wish to hold their place on the list.

Please note - the 2018 event is yet to be announced. We are aiming to have the event in late summer - please watch this space for updates!